Histories of UK potters and pottery manufacturers

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There are numerous ‘Denby’ marks. In general, the words ‘Bourne’ (up to circa 1960) and/or ‘Denby’ appear prominently. Early marks were impressed, or later stencilled onto the base of the ware, in keeping with the hand-thrown or turned nature of most of the Denby wares.

There are numerous special marks, including the painted or printed signature of both Albert and Glyn Colledge that appear on tableware and the ornamental wares.


1809 - 1830s

There are few identifiable marks from this period. This one, referring to the potteries at both Denby and Belper presumably pre-dates 1834.


Marks are impressed, often deeply so, on the back or base of the wares and include some of the words ‘Bournes Potteries’, ‘J. Bourne & Son’ (from circa 1850), ‘Denby’, ‘Derbyshire’ and ‘England’.


Marks are impressed (most) or stencilled in black. The words ‘Bourne’, ‘Denby’ and ‘England’ appear in most marks and may be enclosed in a circle, ellipse or triangle.

Inclusion of ‘Ltd’ in the name implies a date post-incorporation of the business in 1916.  

The script ‘Danesby Ware’ mark appears on ornamental ware from circa 1930 to 1941.


The name ‘Denby’ is prominent in marks from this period and may be accompanied by a large or small lower-case ‘d’.

This stencilled mark found on domestic ware was in use from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s.

Marks from the ‘Coloroll period’ 1996-1999 may also be found.


A ‘scroll’ mark with various central lettering was a common mark on tableware from this period.

The stencilled signature of Albert Colledge appears on the ‘Greenwheat’ tableware from this period. The name is spelt ‘College’ without the ‘d’.

The painted signature of Glyn Colledge may appears on ‘Glyn Ware’ and ‘Glynbourne Ware’ from this period