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Histories of UK potters and pottery manufacturers

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Last updated: 1st August 2011


1870s to 1900s, ‘beauty above all’, fascination with the Orient and all things Japanese. Oscar Wilde. Read more ...

Art nouveau

1880s to 1920s, based on sinuous, flowing forms from the natural world, botanical motifs. Read more ...  

Art deco

1920s to 1950s, a complex amalgam of styles, originally applied to the rich and opulent in the decorative arts, later to be seen as a ‘modern’ style emphasising geometric shapes and decoration. Long-lived with significant influence up to and including the 1990s.  Read more ...


1930s to 1950s, a variant of art deco, moderne or ‘streamline’ style emphasised the functional over the decorative and stripped away ornamentation to simplify forms.  Read more ...


1950s to 1980s, the characteristic design and style that evolved in the post-war period and lasted into the 1980s.  Read more ...